Welcome to Redemption Ink. A dream of Mr. Dave Cutlip to afford humanity “something” through his beloved craft of tattooing.

“There’s enough hate in this world”

Dave and Beth have launched Redemption Tattoo as a non-profit organization offering free (yes, free) coverups to people baring the marks of gangs, prejudice, and hate in the form of a tattoo. “There’s enough hate in this world”, says Dave, who set out with his wife to help those wanting a change, to make a change. A physical, life altering change.


There’s enough hate in our little world, and we can’t find anything wrong with wanting to erase some of it.

“We’re not pushing this service on anyone, we threw the idea out there and it seems to have opened a floodgate”

Redmption Ink is a non-profit organization. We are committed to applying our talents to cover up (at no charge) tattoos that were applied in the name of hate or prejudice. Where there is no option to cover up the existing tattoo, we rely on our donations and affiliates for removal options.


There are several ways that we can all be part of Redemption Ink! If you are looking for one of our cover-ups or a removal click HERE to visit the

Redemption Ink Tattoo Removal application Page

If you represent a studio or want to be involved as an independant artist, click HERE to visit the

Redemption Ink Affiliate Application Page

If you (like so many wonderful people we speak with everyday) just want to see to it that those paying it forward and helping their fellow man are looked after, you can make a 100% deductible, charitible  donation to Redemption Ink at the link below!

Donation link temporarily disabled. We appreciate your patience, and are working hard to streamline the donation process.


Phone. 410-589-0550
Email. info@RedemptionInk.org

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